How to Care For Your Skin to Look Younger

As you get older, you need to have a good skin care routine in place to protect your skin. Many factors such as exposure to UV(ultraviolet rays) and excessive sunburn can contribute to skin damage. One has to be very keen when it comes to protecting their skin and taking care of it, especially for women who want their skin to look younger. Below is a natural skin routine that will improve the skin glow and leave it smooth and supple.

1. Use natural remedies for skin

Most women use artificial skin care products which are good for the skin for a shorter period of time but are not the best for the skin in the long run. Since the market is filled with these products it is very hard to differentiate the genuine ones from the toxic ones. There are skin care products emerging that even contain cancer inducing elements but thank God for nature. At the comfort of your home, you can use the following natural compounds to take care of your skin.

– Coconut oil: To protect the skin from sunburn and nourish the epidermal tissues.
– Honey: To moisturize your skin and prevent rashes and breakouts.
– Avocado: Improves production of collagen and that reduces wrinkles leaving your skin looking younger.

2. Drink lots of water every day

By drinking at least 8 glasses of water every day, one can greatly improve their skin health because water helps in cleansing the skin and getting rid of toxins. This, in turn, aids in fixing droopy skin and hydrating parched skin leaving it looking and feeling younger.

3. Apply a moisturizer after a bath

Since we lose water through the skin every day as a result of evaporation we require more water even after taking enough quantities of it daily. A way to substitute this is by applying it to the skin in form of hydrated moisturizers, but since showering leaves the skin unprotected, it is important to moisturize it again.

4. Eat Vitamin-rich diets

Eating a balanced diet is good for the body but is not enough for the skin since one has to consider consuming a lot of vitamin-abundant foods in order to enrich the skin, The following vitamins have the best effects on the aging process of the skin:

– Vitamin A: It functions as an antioxidant which reduces the skin crumples and make it look younger.
– Vitamin C: Helps your skin stay firm by inducing collagen tissue.
– Vitamin E: Gets rid of irritations such as acne that make the skin look awful.

5. Avoid sunburns

This can be done by using sunscreen to prevent the sun rays from penetrating through to the skin. One to choose a sunscreen that protects against both the UVB and UVA rays. This will help reduce damage to the skin layers and maintain its youthful looks.

6. Exfoliate

This is a process done in order to remove the oldest outermost skin cells. This can be done by using warm water and a sponge, then knead the sponge in a circular manner on your skin. After that rinse nicely and dry using a clean smooth towel. Doing this regularly can have wonderful effects of making your skin look younger.